Jim Fallon's job is simple: keeping your loved ones at home where they feel most comfortable. The costs of retirement home living are skyrocketing--draining our seniors' life savings. Furthermore, those same costs can put our budgets in jeopardy as we work to take care of those we love. We believe in helping your loved ones stay home as long as possible. Home is where your loved ones' fondest memories were made, where they feel most comfortable, and where they've invested their time and resources for decades. Our goal is simple, and our services can help you or your loved ones remain at home for years to come. Browse our site to learn more about Jim Fallon and the services he provides.

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Meet Jim Fallon

Fallon's Home Services

My goal is to help you stay comfortably in your home using modest and cost effective home modifications. Sometimes it is just those little things that no matter how old we are, we never seem to get around to. My own Mom has been a widow for over 20+ years. She will call with things she needs done that she can no longer do herself. I realized she needed someone who would give her options on what to do based on price and common sense. So I decided to specialize in doing handyman work for seniors where honesty and integrity for helping them would payoff for them just like it did for my Mom.

When I look at each project, I try and view it from my client’s perspective, not just on how to fix it. For example, if you are having trouble getting up and down your basement stairs, we might put in handrails on both sides for you to use going down the stairs and coming back up. The height of the railing and size will fit what is comfortable for you.

If you are having trouble opening doors, I will suggest using lever door handles to make it easier for you to open. If you need light bulbs changed we will find long life as well as energy efficient options. The list goes on and on.

Services Jim Provides

Fallon's Home Services

The most important thing I help my customers with is my Home Assessment service. You know the old saying “You can’t fix the problem without having a plan”. Let me conduct a full safety evaluation on your home both inside and outside. You can then let me know which item(s) you would address first. Not all the things I find require a handyman, some you can do yourself. The assessment takes about 45 minutes. We then sit down and review which items you would like to see taken care of. You will be provided a written estimate with the work being done to your complete satisfaction.

Even if you don't choose me for your home renovations/preparations, you can be confident the Home Assessment will make you more knowledgeable on how you should prepare to help your loved ones remain safe and comfortable.

Fallon's Home Services

There will be situations that will require some type of Home Modification for you to be able to stay safely and comfortably in your home. It can be as simple as having grab bars strategically placed throughout your home. Most will use them in a bathroom, but you can also put them in other locations around the home that make sense for you. We can see if we can make it easier to move around with a walker where the floors are not the same level. You might wish to have doors widened to accommodate wheelchairs or easier access to things you need to reach.

Fallon's Home Services

We want to help you with maintain your home ensuring a comfortable environment. Keeping your furnace filter changed regularly is essential for the air you breathe and for heating/cooling bill. Checking your dryer vent is also important for drying efficiency and fire safety if it is clogged. Speaking of fire safety, we also need to ensure that your batteries on your smoke/carbon monoxide detector are current as well. The Home Assessment can help identify those areas where we need to focus on. Call us and let’s see if we can help!

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See Jim's Work

Visit Jim's Facebook Page or send him an email to see his work. Jim is easy to reach and happy to show you examples of his work.

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The best way to reach Jim is by giving him a call or sending him an email. Home Assessments are relatively quick and Jim can give you a written quote on site after the assessment is complete. You can also call or email Jim for any questions you may have through your Home Improvement process.